Why would you work from home?

To some this may be a silly question, but the fact is when we think of work we imagine ourselves in a cubicle, large open office, surrounded by others and consistently annoyed by the ringing and chatter of phone calls all day. The reason is for years this has been our only option. Our company has a very specific task for you, now come in and do it.

I’d argue that this type of environment is potentially damaging to the employees mental state, but not only that. Allowing employees to work from home can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your company. Similarly if you’re self-employed in an industry such as a freelancer, artist, or programmer, you have the benefit of taking advantage of the home office right away.

Your office is tailored to the way you work!

A traditional office setting is arranged the way managers will assume people will get the most work done. They tend to ignore the problems of being overworked, monitored, and limited in resources.

When you work from home, you can dedicate a room to the exact needs of how you work. Calming music? No music? Surround yourself in filing cabinets or remove all distractions except for your computer and a notepad. Everybody works differently and when we allow our employees to let themselves control how they work we realize their true potential.

Get MORE work done

When people who haven’t experienced the work-from-home option. The first thing that comes to mind is the employee playing games or slacking off looking at cat memes. In reality this is furthest from the truth. 

The fact is, we see this in traditional office settings MORE. Employees need to APPEAR busy in times where there is in fact little to no work needing to be done. Finish that report 15 minutes before 5pm? Well there’s no way anything else could get done in the remaining time, might as well type gibberish in Microsoft Word to look busy until it’s time to leave.

Sound familiar? 

When you work from your own schedule, you realize the times when you’re most productive, instead of wasting them on calls, lunch breaks, and commutes.

I’ve seen employees who work from home thrive at 7am. This is where 80% of their real heavy duty work is completed and where they can find their rhythm. By 9am, when traditional employees are shuffling into their desks, these early-risers have already completed almost all their work for the day. Perhaps they take an early lunch, then get back an hour later to complete their day. 

Avoid HOURS of lost commute time

This one will vary depending on location, but cannot be underestimated. Your employees are losing hours of their day, often unpaid, simply to travel to your office. 

Allowing your employee to brew some coffee and head into their office on a snowy day is something they will love you for.

That sounds nice, but it’s not right for my company

The number one reason this isn’t implemented in most offices is because higher-ups don’t believe this move can work for what they do. Maybe they bring in clients that want to see a bunch of busy faces, or think that working remotely will end up in not being able to correctly control employees.

I’ve worked with many companies to implement a more remote environment, and almost every one of them has found an increase in productivity. Keep in mind, we are in an age where it is extremely easy to chat, schedule, and conference remotely.

Most importantly: Your employees WANT to be productive!

Stress in the workplace often comes from the feeling of not getting anywhere, and being held back by other co-workers or the environment in general. Let your employees do what you hired them to do, and trust in your judgement in hiring them in the first place!

Way More Benefits

One great source that goes into more detail is REWORK by Jason Fried. I can’t recommend it enough, It is an absolute must read for anyone looking to change the way they work to make themselves more productive, even if that doesn’t include working from home.

Keep an eye out here for more articles on improving your productivity and business from home, business tips, getting sales, and much more!